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IT is narrative hijacking against Isramerika, trend reversal in the mind of "the West", change of vibe in the World Order. And too many disgruntled passengers trapped in the wagons agree with this plan, because they discovered the locomotive is not running towards the promised heaven but towards an unknown abyss. The point is that when mass-media and global audience start getting addicted, attentive, persuaded, accustomed to a given series of events – in this case terror, unrest, chaos, anarchy, hatred (like if it were a serial or a soap opera), implicitly giving to such events trust, relevance, credibility and centrality, then there is a signal that the trends have changed, that the tide has turned. The only amendment that might strengthen them would be to add that rations and ammunition should be specified only in the amounts which reason and experience tell us the Soldier is likely to expend in one day. The knapsacks, in my opinion, j should have been abandoned at the very commencement of the retrograde movement. [From that point forward he should] carry nothing but what he wears, his ammunition, his rations and his toilet articles. Both must be dismantled (yes, a long ambitious process, but also a long-term natural process already underway, whether the vassals of the Empire, desperate for a world of free luxury and automatic orgasms without adult concerns – unavailable to everyone and unsustainable for all – like it or not – for example as long-term consequence by Us and Uk driven conflict with Russia – that in Continental Europe nobody needed and everyone damages). with such consummate boldness combined with blindness, that the ranks were compelled to destroy their reserve of physical strength, in the name of maintaining discipline. —In the end daesh is trying to derail the train of the "Western" world; they want to make the elevator for heaven fall into hell; this train and this ski-lift (American Dream) are a broken system out of control and based on fraudulent travel plans, in which European countries are wagons and USA are locomotive; terrorism wants to make it derail while it is running at full speed. The attacks must be interpreted as keystrokes on a piano, as vibrations of the chords of a guitar, as words in the lyrics of a song, that an evil orchestra is trying hard to play at the loudest volume on the stage of history, seized in a moment of distraction from the current (abusive, incompetent, temporary, unworthy) owners. However making this insane train derail or this crazy elevator fall down in hell while the passengers are still on it, without any real strategy about what to do when the disaster happens, is irresponsible suicide and it is not acceptable. –The Psychopaths victimized by indifference and oppression under more successful, ruthlessly selfish cyborgs snap and kill the narcissists out of fury, inspired and sanctified by jihadism; a thing which behaviorism would classify as a call for attention and that geopolitics label as terrorism. He said outright that the column survived its ordeal only because Craufurd held it together with a firm rein, and he described in great detail how squares were formed and men were flogged publicly for small acts of insubordination, even while the force was in contact with the enemy rifle line. I felt it press me almost to the earth at times, and more than once felt that I should die under its deadly embrace. Under the threat and example of extreme punishment, even while moving in the face of the enemy, men will continue to stagger under loads which are altogether destructive of their fighting powers. The disaster must be avoided slowing down and deviating, and not hastened accelerating and sabotaging. What really caused quick, aggressive, messy backlash from the "Western" system against Wikileaks was not just nor mainly the secrets revealed in themselves, but exactly the potential success in contradicting the officially approved dominant version of the facts: that "the West is the best", as (unconsciously? But it grows steadily in power and influence thanks to its visibility oriented strategy of kamikaze expansionism. It is surely terrorism to be punished and it is surely a desperate desire to react and redeem; but in general the condemn of the psychopath must not bring to the absolution of the Narcissism. It is addressed to the enemies to make them scared and outraged towards Islam and Islamism, but also to the fellow Muslims, potential supporters or already recruited, to make them more attracted and more inspired by Daesh as "the Band" to listen to, when all the rest is against you. There is an intention of psychological takeover of the world vision from "the USA is invincible and Daesh is temporary" to "Islamism is unstoppable, the West is losing". From faulty appreciation of the logistical limits of the human carrier come the loss of tactical opportunity and the wastage of good manpower, since it is self-evident that nothing contributes more to the growth of lasting confidence in the Soldier than having a successful experience his first time out in battle . Wikileaks with Assange (completely unrelated as contents but similar in the impact on Americentrism), for some days, at the apex of the hype about "urgent revelations", "international censorship","breathless manhunt" for the organization, managed to appear like a world power capable of disrupting the global flow of consciousness with radical challenges. It is surely symbolical but symbols (as also Communists partially understood but poorly implemented) move masses to practical goals when they have visibility, especially in a system relying on illusions, that worships holograms, oriented to virtual narcissism. Down through the ages, human nature, as it is to he understood under the stress of war, has changed very little. dark brown trench coat mens boys brown trench coat marianatrench define trenching slim fit trench coat life in the trenchs what is the meaning of trench mariana trenc marianas trench photos mens tan trench coat mens winter trench coat what is marianas trench life during wwi what were trenches marrianas trench trench excavation definition what is trench excavation mariana tranch trench means white trench coat for men what is mariana trench the conditions in the trenches big and tall trench coat mariana trenches grey trench coat mens images of mariana trench mens wool overcoat long mens long black trench coat definition trench long overcoats for men


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