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(Secure backups for the cogence core and the substrate also exist buried in the middle of the propulsion bus section.) (Close inspection will also note the apertures of attitude-control system thrusters, especially to outboard for the largest moment arms, and scattered black, glassy domes concealing the point-defense laser grid.) It uses the classic belly-lander arrangement because it’s considered possible to land a frigate planetside, or at least small-planet-side, or operate in atmosphere. (It should be noted that the medical facilities are quite limited; the nature of the space combat environment is such that the window between “fine” and “chunky salsa” is quite narrow, and as such the medical bay is oriented more toward treating illness and minor injuries among the crew than it is to handling massive combat casualties.) One hit the chap next to me (a N.F.) on the muscle of the arm, giving him a very bad bruise, whilst another cut my first and second fingers on the left hand. Corridors lead forward from these against the inner hull until they pass the magazines, at which point they turn inwards to reach, and proceed to the bow against, the central mass driver (for ease of accessing the driver coils for maintenance from these corridors). While access is possible to the mass driver chamber (which can even be pressurized, with the gun port in the bow closed, for maintenance), it’s normally kept evacuated and is not, in any case, a very comfortable place to be. (In the latter case, under the “with sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine” principle.) Frigate captains rarely want to, though. For some few minutes the bullets whistled from every corner and we could only keep our heads down and squat in the water. The hull itself is gorgeous in shimmering military indigo; naturally, leading edges and other salient points are highlighted in intricate swirls of embedded gold-filigree brightwork, just because the IN can and wishes to emphasize that small point. At last things quietened down and it was afterwards ascertained that we had been enfiladed by a German Maxim. Fortunately, it contains (for the most part) spaces which will be unmanned at general quarters or higher readiness states. The place we held was the pivot on which the whole of the enveloping movement on both our flanks depended. are wrapped around the outside of the ship, between the decks and the hull, to use as additional protection in the event of an armor-penetrating strike. With sufficient engineering support and at a yard, these independently-encapsulated areas are designed to be disconnected from the ship’s infrastructure and framework, pulled out as a whole – along with their associated outer-hull plate and armor – and replaced with other modular capsules of equivalent specification. During the rest of the day the shellfire was kept up in bursts of ten or fifteen minutes at a time by both sides. About a mile and a half further on we turned off to our left from the main road and at last landed at a farm and we (D Coy) were told to fallout. We had done so well in the trenches we were leaving that, by holding them, we had enabled a division to advance nearly four miles on the enemy. As a frigate, the Drake -class is built around its main gun, which occupies the axis of the ship and thus the center of the deck. Despite that, there’s no artificial gravity on a Drake ; while in space, the starship operates in microgravity. More important for military purposes, while the windows are tough, they aren’t that tough, and as such the armor layer passes comfortably behind it, and access is through a sequential pair of spacetight doors. It also, being intended to entertain visitors and provide somewhere to get away from inside for a moment, comes with comfortable microgravity-adaptive seating, a few potted plants, and a wet bar. It cut through a hard backed testament and notebook and through his clothes to the skin without hurting him. The nearer part of the engineering deck contains a variety machinery, although also housing to port and starboard the two auxiliary fusion plants used to provide power to the starship when the drive is shut down. This feature permits the Drake -class to be customized for special functions – such as the electromagnetic radiation shielding we saw at the Battle of Eye-of-Night – much more flexibly than would otherwise be possible. winter long coats for women feminine trench coat double breasted trench ladies coats with hoods long leather trench coat belted trench coat men mens short trench coat gabardine trench coat lady coats womens raincoats with hood military coats for women women outerwear short trench pea coat women sale cheap womens coats womens black peacoat twill trench coat trench coat petite flare trench coat classic trench short trench coat men womens winter dress coats colorblock trench coat cream trench coat leopard print trench coat ruffled trench coat hooded trench trench coat wool quilted trench coat mens long trench coat


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