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It takes you on a fantastical journey that realises the horrors of war in a new and creative way, never before seen in a war play. THE YOKER The Trench is what would happen if you combined Birdsong with the poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siefried Sassoon, added some puppetry and set the whole thing to a live folk-pop soundtrack. OXFORD TIMES A powerful and profound piece of theatre which impacts on many levels; you will be moved and amazed. The fact is that the Soviet Command has always cut its supply requirements to a minimum, refusing to transport anything which might be obtained in the zone of engagement. To delouse the clothing of troops, the Russians simply cut the cover of an empty gasoline drum, make holes in it, put a supply bricks in the bottom of the drum, pour water Into it, kindle a fire underneath, lay the clothing out on iron bars across the top of the drum, and drape a field blanket over the clothing to keep the steam in. FRINGE REVIEW This is a performance of exquisite tragedy and beauty with music, puppetry, projections and acting of the highest standard. Whereas the supply discipline of the United States Army is regulated by the pressure to give troops the maximum possible of the comforts which the middle- BROADWAY BABY Music is only one of a number of mediums that fuse seamlessly in the course of The Trench, a spectacularly moving and multifaceted production that marks another triumph вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ® True, its field forces have sometimes given foreign observers the feeling that they were heavy laden, but that was mainly because they packed along so much of the supply that western armies commonly store in their advance depots. class American has learned to expect, the Russian Army, composed in the main of men who have lived hard in their civilian environment, can operate in war on a minimum subsistence level without making its people feel abused. This gives them additional operating independence of their rear, which is in itself a form of mobility. THEATRE MAGAZINE It is a kind of theatre that many attempt but only few succeed in using effectively. THE LATEST Les Enfants Terribles march into town with their breathtaking production The Trench and knock spots off so many festival offerings. The consequence of burdening communication lines with mountainous quantities of nonessential materiel can only and must ever be that less fire is delivered upon the enemy. BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE Undoubtedly, this is the most moving and visually stunning performance I have seen on the Fringe so far. THE CARDIFFIAN Emotionally affecting; watching the performance felt like being transported into a Wilfred Owen poem as the horrors of the trenches truly came to life on stage THE STAGE (Must See Show) A total theatre experience of engrossing intensity, The Trench employs acting, mime, music, puppetry, film and even flying to enrich history with the quality of myth and reinvest an old story with the power it has lost through overfamiliarity This incredible production was skilfully performed with strong images, imposing puppetry and powerful projected shadow film вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ® Kerner has pointed out, this means that the Communists have a relatively simple logistical problem, despite that we commonly think of the transportation of supply as being the weak link in the Soviet military system. From the team behind The Terrible Infants, Ernest and the Pale Moon and The Vaudevillains, comes a new play inspired by the true story of a miner who became entombed in a tunnel during World War One. As the horror threatens to engulf him, he finds that not everything in the darkness is what it seems as he starts to discover a new, strange world beneath the mud and death. EDINBURGH SPOTLIGHT The Great War has been used as a metaphor for futility and sacrifice many times, but seldom with as powerful and mythic a poignancy. TV BOMB This multi-dimensional piece of theatre employs puppetry, poetic language, physical theatre, and haunting live music to spectacular and inventive effect. WHATS ON STAGE The language is poetic, rather than demotic, but the symbolism is handled superbly and with the utmost sincerity. Except for the black bread in his pack, he takes nothing into combat except weapons, ammunition and that minimum of clothing which will enable him to survive. long jackets for women kids black trench coat womens spring jackets transparent trench coat long white trench coat ladies raincoats outerwear for women women jacket pea coat for women dress coats for women jacket for women winter jacket women spring jackets for women trenchcoat with hood trench coat with leather sleeves womens winter jacket overcoat for women winter coats for women on sale uk trench coat womens pink trench coat puffer trench coat womens winter coats sale women coats and jackets womens winter coats on sale green trench coats puffer coats for women women winter jackets patterned trench coat cropped trench jacket tall womens trench coat


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