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Like any pedantic German, the commandant of Skopje drove along the streets in order to see for himself that the city was a Bulgarian one. Well-known to his fellow-citizens, Hadjikimov called a meeting, where he explained the directives and the positions of the BCCC. logistical limits of the human carrier under fire, and of the drag on tactics which comes of weighting him too heavily. The struggle for overtaking the power in Skopje showed that in other Macedonian towns the Serbs might also have strong positions; that is why the immediate formation of local committees was necessary. That the troops are the victims of bad loading and faulty estimates of the relationship of loading to soundness in tactics. In the hall of the town’s cultural house, in the presence of many townsmen a long discussian took place. At the same time people got convinced that this struggle could be successful only if it was well organized, and if there was unanimity among the supporters of the different tendencies and groups. They have not only kept the awareness of their national identity, but also of the great role they had played in the past for the liberation of Macedonia.” In his reminiscences Vassil Hadjikimov wrote: “ He, who wants to get an idea of what the Serbian slavery is, must come here and get familiar with something else: the real face of the Bulgarian spirit. Here, as it was the case with many places in Macedonia, the citizens had organized Bulgarian power immediately after the Serbs had abandoned the town. According to the protocol, the purposes of the Committee were: to serve as a representative of the town of Veles, to keep contacts with all the foreign powers, and to defend the townsmen’s economic, political and cultural interests. The townsmen decided to create a local CC, which would have to follow the directives of the BCCCM for Macedonia’s unification with Bulgaria. This did not happen untill Vassil Hadjikimov passed through the whole region and unified the documentation and the oppinions for the work of those committees. The next places where Hadjikimov created Ccs were Kochani, Vinitsa, Pehchevo, Tsarevo selo (Delchevo), Berovo, Radovish and Stroumitsa. nection between the excessive weights men carry in war and the high incidence of heart disease, kidney complaints, ailments of the circulatory system and the lungs, and augmented blood pressure among veterans, it drew no medical conclusions. Its aim was to prepare this this region, as well as some towns in Western Macedonia, for annexation by Albania. This success showed that to establish Bulgarian rule was not an easy thing, and that a struggle should be waged for it. The report was not refreshed by combat data from World War I which would have contributed to knowledge of the psycho-organic changes occurring in men under fire as the consequence of being too heavily weighted. This was the task of the organizing secretary – Vassil Hadjikimov – the most energetic of the workers. Fuller was a member of that commission, and it was from discussing the subject with him at about the time our forces went into Normandy that my attention was first drawn forcibly to the problem. If those who have thoroughly observed the nature of the battlefield cannot accept the thought that the derelict Soldier is alone the great waster of materiel, then it must follow that the fault lies rearward. When troops do not perform as expected there is always a good reason, and to charge it to human slothfulness is itself slothful thinking. Several persons in the town were wounded or murdered, several houses were ruined by the German bombings. Up to the arrival of the Bulgarian troops in Macedonia, Ccs were created in most of towns of the region. About three-fourths of World II combat fatigue cases were broken the first time they went into action. brown wool coat brown duster coat men leather trench coat with hood women trench womens brown wool coat trench leather trench coat for men cape coat hooded coat black trench coats for men long black coat pink pea coat mens dark brown trench coat white coats red womens trench coat camel coat winter coats men brown jacket for women women long trench coat pea coat women classic mens trench coat navy pea coat long wool trench coat men womens leather trench coats red hooded trench coat duffle coat trench coat for petite women flared trench coat trench coat jackets fashion coats


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