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The German command seeks to establish an impenetrable barrier between German soldiers and population of the occupied territories. Measures are in yards and miles ( except where it is necessary to refer to foreign kilometres, as in the kilometre posts on the road to Paris, showing how far the Anglo-French armies had retreated). I was brushing past such people in buses and markets, mostly without realising how interesting they were, though I will say for myself that as a child I was given to questioning old people about the past, when I could. I am glad to say, full of references to the Eastern Front so often forgotten in our discussions of this terrible event, though it is unforgiveably sketchy about the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, that neglected cataclysm which still shapes Europe’s destiny today. (The series, by the way, is available as a boxed set, – got mine second hand – and some of you may have collected the individual DVDs when the Daily Mail was giving them away a few years ago). But this is nothing compared to the film of the Imperial Russian army marching to war ( and to its grave). Its style and editing were very advanced for the time, and have to some extent been copied by every documentary historical TV series made ever since. All of the interviewees, at the time in their early seventies, still spry and alert, are no longer with us. They must be willing to wage war when it is just and they must be willing to wage it in a just manner. It has repeatedly and sincerely expressed its intent to minimize civilian casualties and to serve as a liberator of captive populations in the War on Terrorism. In so doing they seek to fulfill the words of the prophet, according to which the nations “shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more” (Is. But Russia’s woe was undoubtedly by far the worst, and I think this film, without even meaning to, shows it. One rifleman, while on duty, missed to fall in and stood before the sergeant, holding his hands in his pockets. My view remains that Germany deliberately started it, that Britain had no business entering it, that it is this – its pointlessness and worse than pointlessness from our point of view – that makes the dreadful sacrifice of so many young men so unforgiveable. In general, I am ashamed to even wear a uniform and serve the state." One soldier in the letters, sent abroad, wrote about the poor condition of the military unit. One rifleman in the presence of other soldiers said: "I am not disposed to the military service. After receiving command of his non-commissioned officer to take the proper military stand, he shouted in front of the whole team: "Shut your mouth, you jerk, or you will receive a couple of blows in the face and fly over the fence!" One rifleman rushed the company’s commander. "Memo on the attitude of the German soldiers to the Polish population", attached to the order of General Brauchitsch, reminds German soldier that "the civilian population is internally hostile and stay in opposition even when showing its friendliness." "Memo," warns the soldier from the mingling with the Polish population. As one reviewer of the series said at the time it was ’the most important historical event since the fall of the Roman Empire’. As so often with documentary film if you watch it all at once, episode after episode, you spot quite a lot of nifty repetition, and there’s far too much artillery, though you can see why. No wonder that the German High Command is trying to prevent anti-fascist sentiments of enslaved people to penetrate into the ranks of soldiers of the occupational forces. The published novels and memoirs of this period are worthwhile reading but of dubious historical value for the student of the First World War. Lord Lansdowne, who increasingly seems to me to have been the most intelligent statesman of the age, gets a decent amount of prominence for his (entirely justified) doubts, though his great ignored letter urging a compromise peace before it was too late is not mentioned. And as for inviting the USA into our quarrel, and imagining that she would not exact a stern price for her help, what were we thinking of? One rifleman shortly before his unit went on offensive, cut off index finger on the left hand to be unable to participate in the battle. vero moda trench coat ladies trenchcoats designer coats for women packable trench coat duster trench coat red leather trench coat womens long coat long winter jackets pink trench coat women spring jackets for ladies ladies long leather trench coat winter coat sales coats and jackets sale parka coats women tall trench coat wool coats women black trench coat men long womens black pea coat ladies parka coats pastel trench coat faux fur winter coat short sleeve coat red trench coat hood womens spring jacket trnch coat trech coats russian trench coat mac trench coat women flower trench coat trenc coat


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