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Nobody could account for the exact social characteristics and the power of this movement – the Bulgarian Ccs. If, in addition to being willing, he is also intelligent, he will make that decision at once when the moment arrives that his only alternative is to surrender to his own physical weakness and quit the fight. In one of the biggest towns of Macedonia – Bitolja, the Bulgarian population has had to wage a struggle to seize the town-hall from the Serbian administration. At a time when no power existed in Vardar Macedonia, before the establishment of the official power of the Bulgarian state, this rule of the people took care of everything that concerned the population: food supply, order, relations with the German and the Italian powers; liberation of captives – Bulgarians from Macedonia, who had been soldiers in the Yugoslavian army; preparation of the population to welcome the Bulgarian troops; organization of industrial and agricultural activities; education and culture, etc. It would be an unpleasamt task to make a clear difference between the activities of the Ccs up to the arrival of the Bulgarian troops in the district, and after it. The creation of the Ccs should not be regarded as the isolated efforts of a small number of intellectuals. In many places Vassil Hadjikimov found organized committees, so that his problem was to only standardize the documents, titles and the directives of the work to be done by the committees. While there is some substance for this belief, it is still only a segment of a large and more disturbing truth. That is why in the towns of Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar, Strouga and Ohrid, Bulgarian and Albanian Committees were created and the struggles between them began. Without any underestimation of the work of the organizers, it must be emphasized that their success was due to the fact that all the Bulgarians in Macedonia were ready to work for that cause; they were only waiting for the signalm. In fact the struggle was not against the Serbian administration, but a problem of obtaining proofs about the ethnical picture of the town, which the population had to present before the German powers. Bulgarian women from Macedonia have always possessed a strong national consciousness and have always played an important part in the revolutionary struggles. The Albanian committee here was in connection with the one in Prizren, so that the behavior of the Italians and of the Albanians expressed self-confidence. That is why here there were neither Bulgarian meetings, nor the Bulgarian simbolical shout “hurray” (the Serbian one is “zhivio”). Soldier suit will discard a weight he finds he cannot carry under the extraordinary stresses of battle. The fact that the Bitolya committee was not called a “Campaign Committee” was of no great significance. At the time of Hadjikimov’s visit in Gostivar, this town was full of German, Albanian and Italian flags. But they only gained this kind of wisdom by hard experience, and it is invariably in the first battle that the greatest damage is done. It is so for the reason that by the time the decision becomes necessary, his physical condition is likely to be such that he cannot think clearly. This was a process of whole nations self-determination, an expression of the will of the people to join Bulgaria after being liberated from the Serbian rule. The omission may be partly due to the circumstance that we conclude too easily that we cannot control it. At the same time the arrival of the Bulgarian troops did not mean that Bulgarian administrative powers were organized automatically. The Islam pushed the Albanians against their interests: the region of Tetovo was economically connected with Macedonia, while its western area was surrounded by high mountains. So long as we continue to tell troops that mobility is indispensable to success in battle, and preach that ” safety lies forward ,” the most willing man who ever wore a Yet it is strangely the fact that little thought has been directed toward this aspect of war by anyone, other than simply to note that it happens. raincoat trench field coat mens winter trench coats pea coat men ladies coat brown leather long coat houndstooth coat pink coat long black mens coat pea coats for women cheap womens trench coat trench coat dresses navy coat long mens overcoat womens coats on sale brown wool coat mens best mens trench coats parka coat funnel neck coat sherlock trench coat classic trench coats for women petite womens trench coat mens long wool trench coat black trench coat for women black pea coat mens trench jacket long coats women spring coat women khaki trench coat womens brown coat women


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