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This influence on the West could be perceived only by imagining the state in which Europe was before civilization was brought to it. “The Arabs had a great influence on the West, and Europe, in its civilization, is indebted to the Arabs. The Barbarians who occupied the Roman world, Turks and others, regardless of founding great states, did not establish a civilization and, therefore, the purpose of their existence was to utilize, even with great difficulty, the civilizations of the nations they conquered. We will soon see that the Arabs were credited with presenting ancient knowledge to the medieval people and that the western universities, for five centuries, had no scientific resources other than their writings. “The Arabs had no sooner completed their conquest of Spain than they began to carry out the message of civilization in it. Within less than a century, they were able to cultivate dead land, build up ruined cities, construct magnificent buildings and establish trade connections with other nations. “The Arab conquests had a specific character the like of which was missing with other conquerors who came after them. “It is they who taught, or say, tried to teach the Christians toleration, the most cherished human characteristic. “The more we delve into the study of Arab civilization, scientific books, arts and inventions, the more new facts and extensive horizons will appear to us. Since the very first events, they contacted the native inhabitants of the neighboring territories who, suffering for long centuries from the transgression of their conquerors, were willing to receive, with warmth and gladness, any new conqueror to lighten the severe pressure from them. “The Bedouin tribes in the Arab Peninsula adopted a religion brought by an unlettered person by virtue of which they established, within less than fifty years, a great state like that of Alexander and adorned it with many magnificent buildings which stand as a miraculous sign. “Saladin did not like to follow, with the Crusaders, the same barbarous approach their ancestors had followed with the Muslims. “The Arab civilization produced by the followers of Muhammad was subject to the same norms which governed the previous civilizations in the world: emergence, evolution, decline and death. “It is attributed to Bacon, in general, that he was the first to hold experiment and observation, the pillars of the modern scientific methodology, in the position of the instructor. But I would point out that this knowledge will never be, of general utility to the Army so long as it is considered a subject primarily of interest to the psychiatrists . Through research conducted during World War II, our medical service now knows more about the effects of battle shock, and somewhat more of the causes, than men have ever known before. Without doubt, heavy shock, resulting from unusually hard initial losses, was partly responsible for their semi-paralyzed advance. For these reasons, every extra pound he carries on his back reduces all of his tactical capabilities. In the measure that the man is shocked nervously, and that fear comes uppermost, he becomes physically weak. And from situation to situation, according to the measure of success or failure felt by most of those directly concerned. Fitzsimons saw two of his men-Privates Walch and Spencer drop onto the sand, and saw their bodies blown into the air again. “However, the achievements made by Muhammad in the Arab territories went beyond those of all religions before Islam, including even Judaism and Christianity. “Sicily, at the time the Arabs left it, was culturally, industrially and socially higher than it had been when they entered it. The way the caliphs had to follow was very clear: they knew how to refrain from compelling anyone by force to leave his religion and not to put to sword those who did not embrace Islam. also, that they and the others would probably have remained inert had not the tide kept moving behind them so that they had to advance to escape being drowned . black trench coats for women trench women short trench coats for women trench coat cheap black womens trench coat womens peacoat jacket lined trench coat womens long trench coat women long coats light blue trench coat lady coats sale womens mac coat women long jackets winter jackets on sale for women womens jackets with hoods jacket and coat sale trench coats sale trench coat long ladies black trench coat ladies fall jackets short winter jackets for women winter jackets for ladies overcoats for women trench coat on sale fashion trench coat plaid trench coat trench coats for women sale red trench coats long womens coats womens trench coat with hood


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