british trench coats

From the detailed itinerary and expert guidance to the quaility of the accomodation and food, everything was wonderful. I will dissamble the grenade and sent it stripped, but there is a good chance that customs may seize it and destroy it. I was very impressed with the level of detail he brought to the tour, which made it all the more enjoyable on top of the sites we visited. I am writing to thank you and Mike for delivering a fabulous tour for the most important men in my life – Alan and Jack! I was not sure what the Tour was going to provide but I can only say I was absolutely shocked about the number of cemeteries some so near to each other, some in remote areas, but all so beautifully maintained. The information that you gave us each day including excellent maps was so informative and interesting. For all that we saw and did, a small side trip and a walk on a farmers track to the “pimple”, brought some of the strongest emotions for both Jim and I. I will never forget the area of the Somme river and spots along the Canal du Nord where we followed Joan’s grandfather and great uncle’s battery as they pushed the Germans back. CFA Officer Flaming Bomb Collars – Gilding Finish A lovely matched pair of artillery officer collars Then of course Passchendaele, a simple memorial for such a loss of life, the Brooding Soldier again many a misty eye. It is now guaranteed that they will never forget the sacrifices of their great uncle and his family and their comrades. The stories of the battles and daily life brought it poignantly to life and our gratitude to them cannot be overstated. Then there was the Christmas truce football match that showed there was some humanity but the horrors of the German and Allied trench lines and the cemeteries with their perfectly aligned stones did not lets us forget what happened. Most of that was due to Bill and his knowledge and passion, and his ability to connect with us and our teen age sons. Edwardian Household Cavalry Pouch Badge Household Cavalry pouch badge worn by members of both bands, Corporals Major and Officers of The Blues and Royals. CGA Cape Garrison Artillery Shoulder Title – Boer War I believe this is a Boer War era title as it is large and of thinly stamped brass. This was my second trip with Chris and he always amazes me with his detail and passion for everyone he is researching. My apologies for this belated message but Sue and I would like to thank you and Bill for a tour that was both most informative and deeply moving. Complete with the all the internals but note that the filler plug is is partialy out of round and does not sit straight within the body. First Special Service Force (FSSF) Lanyard to a Canadian – Additonal Photos These are copies of the Force Member documents and photos. CFA Officer Flaming Bomb Collars – Bronze Finish Nice matching pair of bronze service dress officer collars to the artillery. Such an emotional time, so poignant to see the graveyards, to hear the stories, to go to Talbot House to listen to your experiences and your enormous knowledge of the area and all that had happened there. The attention to detail, the information, the gentle way of explaining things to us – all of it just sensational. Hearing what was happening to each and seeing the places they fought and fell for our way of life was, at times, overwhelming. The Salvation Army provided canteens and huts to soldiers during the war and were classed as Auxiliary Services under the Canadian Corps. deep trench grey trench coat mens deep ocean trench mariana trench photos boys brown trench coat trench rats pictures of mariana trench define trenches what was trench life like mariana s jobs in the trenches trenches form at sites where fire trenches what was life in the trenches trencha brown leather trench coat men life in the trenches on the western front trench com marianne trench trench construction marianis trench describe the trenches trenches information trenches in ww2 gallipoli trench conditions soldiers trenches trench coat pictures what does trench mean trenches layout what is the mariana trench


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