bottom of marianas trench

However, when you are a weak ego needing self and peer validation through war, PERPETUATING conflicts will insure careers and combat patches are handed out. What Wegener lacked, however, was a convincing explanation as to what moved the continents along the surface. Killing “ragheads” is not different than killing “gooks” in Vietnam; when gunslinger egomaniacs get involved they ignore TBATE and try to solve everything with gun play when there are other more effective forms of military force can be used to SMOTHER conflicts. A poignant moment was shared at the Memorial when Mr Wright and the children laid a wreath and a selection of crosses in memory of all of our OSE’s who lost their lives on the Somme. The Vietnam armored cavalry warfighters knew this, but were purged from the Army immediately thereafter so their Fulda Gap brethren would not have to compete against folks with combat experience for promotions. What should have happened is that the South’s entire border should have been secured by a comprehensive “ Morice ” type line and THEN from a position of STRENGTH—not weakness—we should have sent a warrior—retired U.S. “Tanks are for nation-state war”, “Trucks are for SASOs” nevermind you could be in a SASO where you are in open desert and closed urban terrain where you need TANKS to get the maximum leverage against the enemy, our internal prejudices drive what we do—not external reality. By our gunslinging laziness, we let the Viet Cong and NVA roam all over South Vietnam getting steady resupply by bicycles on the Ho Chi Minh infiltration trail However FDR died (or was murdered) and Truman caved in to French demands to recolonize Vietnam in return for their quasi-NATO membership in Europe to stand against the Soviet Russians. ITS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER FORCES ARE DELIVERED, IE; WHAT THEY CAN DO USING THEIR OWN ORGANIC MEANS THAT COUNTS. and THEN tried to stop them in this non-linear mess at fortified villages surrounded by fencing, land mines, patrols etc. Thanks to his specialised knowledge, the children along with Mr Taylor, Mr Wright and Mr Bowen-Perkins were treated to areas of the tour which are normally closed to the public, sections of the battlefield where the trenches are still visible and where history becomes real life. Without a fighting CAVALRY BRANCH to insure that light tanks are developed and those that use them in cavalry units and to support light infantry have a safe place to serve their country, those who fight in the main body in heavier tanks or in foot-slogging clusterfucks will foist all the money to themselves and not the force that has to be by definition be different and more mobile than them. Are they wimps for boldly going into closed terrain to hit the very capable NVA enemy where he least expects it with superior shock action? He ignores the TBATE parameters and how they shape the fighting, he is only interested in the latest war fad the enemy is wearing. This lecture concludes by showing how plate tectonics explains earthquakes, mountain building, volcanoes, and oceanic trenches. Army combat veteran, Charlton Heston validates what we in the military reform movement have been documenting for years: that the U.S. Archipelagoes border the southeastern margin of Asia, consisting mainly of island arcs bordered by deep oceanic trenches. This Review contains major “Oceanic Trenches”- related terms, short phrases and links grouped together in the form of Encyclopedia article. military obsessed with ego-gratifying gunslinging ignores The Battle Against The Earth (TBATE) which is foundational before undertaking any human conflict (The Battle Against Man or “TBAM”). The Lesser Sunda Islands differ from the large islands of Java or Sumatra in consisting of many small islands, sometimes divided by deep oceanic trenches. Whilst there, the tour also visited the Connaught Cemetery where a cross was placed on the grave of John Ritson, an OSE buried and remembered there. “precision” air strikes and cause casualties by ambushing our vulnerable predictable road-bound wheeled trucks. The oceanic trenches are the deepest parts of the ocean floor, typically formed when one tectonic plate slides under another. 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