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They are also uncomfortably aware of just how untenable their alliance with the Soviets is in the long term. The French high command under Gamelin decides that this time, the Allies will hold the line in Belgium at a series of major rivers while making good on their industrial-commercial advantage by further building up their forces, before (when the Germans are virtually out of fuel because of the blockade) pushing the Germans back across the border. It contains also information on soldiers missed in action or death soldiers not buried on known cemeteries. The French armed forces also have too little communications equipment; most of the stuff they do have is of poor quality and has too few operators to match—meaning that it takes French officers longer than their German counterparts to receive, pass on, and implement new information and new orders. The French forces engaged there have held far too few units back as a strategic reserve, which would be fine if they were facing an enemy offensive on a (relatively) broad front—but not one so insanely narrow and concentrated. This is a result of the way France designed, organized, and deployed her forces in general terms and with specific regards to the plan they are implementing (moving into Belgium to defend it with a few solid lines of defence). A fatal combination of flawed military doctrine and politicking has led to a critical failure of operational planning. Almost all their troops have modern weapons with sufficient ammunition and the training to use them properly—France has had conscription for years, meaning that virtually all of the troops in their army have completed at least a year or two of military training. A widely overlooked source on dead combatants are local death registers in the place of last residence. While an Allied force (originally destined for Finland) manages to take the important Norwegian port of Narvik (through which Swedish iron ore is sent to Germany), they are in no position to hold it and are ordered to withdraw to France for a more important battle. In other words, the betting man would favour the Germans if they manage to keep the war mobile and the French if they manage to bog it down. It emphasises the ad-hoc movement of highly independent mobile forces to encircle operational-level groupings of enemy forces to defeat them at minimal cost through cutting them off from resupply. It emphasises the inexorable and centrally-directed concentration of overwhelming artillery and armoured assets on the battlefield to take territory and repel attacks at minimal cost through the expenditure of large amounts of ammunition. Often they have additional information like the original burial place or the last known military unit of the war victim in their repositories. on the other hand, is largely inexperienced and ill-equipped (though the veterans of the “Condor Legion” have disseminated their experiences from the Spanish Civil War. The private project has a database of war memorials and other lists on combatants from both wars. Unfortunately, they don’t link source files for their lists and the photographs of memorials are tiny. If the war bogs down into positional warfare then the German Army will be completely incapable of making any headway against the French Army, or stopping the French from making headway of their own: the French, with their centrally-directed Artillery and Armour, will be tactically unstoppable. Hitler orders his panzers to stop short of totally destroying the BEF, believing he can cut a deal with Britain, allowing the Royal Navy to evacuate the BEF (the “miracle of Dunkerque”, though Dunkirk was just one of the many evacuations that happened at the time ) and a sizeable number of French troops as well, albeit with the loss of most of their weapons and all of their vehicles. A copy can be requested from the local Standesamt (register office) or from the communal archive (the registers can be transferred from the register office to the archive after a certain period of time, just ask the register office who holds the documents). The triumphant German army then turns north and crushes—or forces the surrender—of what pockets remain of the entrapped French Army. In seemingly no time at all, they have solved their supply problems by linking up their forces and continue to overrun what badly-outnumbered and increasingly isolated French forces remain to the south. For military losses of both wars you can use a search engine (“GrГ¤bersuche”) provided by the Volksbund . As he saw it, a Modern Army needed to be capable of breaking the deadlock of positional warfare as a pre-requisite to executing sophisticated operational manoeuvres and encirclements to net large hauls of prisoners. 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