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There is given the comparative analysis of the basic Federal law and the preceding library legislation in our country. Key words: Culture, State Cultural Policy, the Year of Culture, Culture Development Strategy, the Concept of Cultural Policy, Legal Mechanisms, Discourse of Culture, Regional Practices, Cultural Environment It was shown that the achievement of compliance of the developed model of cultural policy with the cultural image of Russia is a long way which was started by the Year of culture. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the forces of globalization are posing a renewed challenge to the social-market economy in place throughout the nation. Key words: Federal Law «On Librarianship», General Definitions, Rules and Regulations; Library Legislation in the USSR and the Russian Federation. There is described significance of the law and its role in the future development of the Russian libraries. There are outlined the main directions of theoretical and expert activities, related to the development of the conceptual basis and regulatory mechanisms of strategic management in the field of culture. Key words: Draft of Model Standard of Public Libraries, Information Support, National Electronic Library, Sociological Study of Reading, Educational Resource, Library System of Crimea, Legal Workshop Deputy Director General for Research and Publishing, the Russian State Library, Candidate of Philological Sciences Babakhina N. Head of Sector of Legal Support of Library Activities, National Library of Russia, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Abstract: The article describes the problems of contemporary policy of Russia in the sphere of culture: public status of culture, recognition of culture as a powerful integration potential of society and a source of creative development of individual. Director of the Research Educational Center «Civil Society and Social Communications», Deputy Head of the UNESCO Department of the Institute of Public Administration and Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Member of the Council on State Cultural Policy at the Chairman of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Theoretical Foundations of Cultural Policy and Integration of the Idea of Culture in Public Discourse This legal tender, pure silver dollar with edge lettering celebrates the ANZAC Spirit and the centennial of the start of World War I (known as the “War to End All Wars”) with a vignette of soldiers marching in formation beneath Britannia and a memorial poppy! Abstract: The article summarizes the twenty years of development of the library legislation of Federal subjects of the Russian Federation and assesses its contemporary state. “It is comforting just now to remember that the status of the science of nutrition in America is fully equal to its status in the land of our enemies at the beginning of the war,” he writes. Murlin, who would go on to pioneer insulin research, was enthusiastic about nutrition as a weapon of war despite the toll the war took on soldiers. Four and a half years later, millions of men lay dead, world history had been irrevocably changed, and the seeds of the even more devastating Second World War had been sown. World War I led to large numbers of formerly healthy young men returning to Britain with various disabilities, ranging from ‘shell-shock’ to paraplegia. The Perth Mint and Talisman Coins proud to the first three releases in a significant new program, The ANZAC Spirit. “We certainly desire that the American soldier shall have plenty of ‘punch’ to his fight,” writes Murlin, who notes that nobody should begrudge a soldier “all the meat he feels like eating.” As the dominoes fell one by one and alliances were invoked, the Guns of August roared to life, millions of men on both sides of the conflict were called up. Abstract: The article is devoted to the annual research and practical conference «Digital Age of Culture». Key words: Library Legislation, Legislation of the Subjects of the Russian Federation, Database, Librarianship, Regional Library Legislation, Model of Regional Legislative Support, Legal Framework of the Branch, Regional Legislation Murlin notes that though the Americans provided more meat to the army than its allies, a high protein diet was essential to the cause. raincoat with hood for women womens camel trench coat zara trench coat winter coats women sale mens leather trench coats ladies hooded coats trench winter coat coat ladies short beige trench coat winter coats with hoods fall jackets women discount coats womens black wool trench coat mens trench coat fashion trench coats for sale men ladies jackets sale barn coats short trench coat petite what were the trenches like long length trench coats ladies womens coats and jackets jackets and coats for women winter white coats for women ladies coat with hood discount winter coats shop coats modern trench coat men in trench coats classic trench coat mens womens rain trench


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