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Divorce was rare and was only permitted by breaking one of the three laws made by the church which were age, consent, and consanguinity. By looking at who ruled a kingdom or an empire, usually sons are the ones who took over their fathers. Since the medieval feudalistic society ran counter to both Hebraism and Hellenism, these two ideologies worked together in breaking down the society and established two types of society based on the two views of life–Cain-like and Abel-like. However, medieval women were not only working in their house, but also worked outside, mainly practicing her husband’s craft. The father would have wanted to leave behind in possessions to a son, but in these cases would have passed it down to his daughter’s husband. As we may see from the particulars of this revolution, it was true that the democracy of France inclined toward totalitarianism rather than the equality and freedom of individuality. France in that day was in a period which saw the expansion of the idea of Enlightenment, being led into atheism and materialism by the Cain-type view of life. The latter was the Cain-type democracy, realized by the advocates of atheism and materialism, who were the products of the Cain-type view of life, through the breakdown of the society of absolutism. Again, from the standpoint of the providence of restoration, let us consider the trends of the society of absolute monarchy. The feudalistic system which had still remained in that society became an obstacle to the development of the citizen class under the leadership of the atheists and materialists and thus also contradicted the attainment of the purpose of the Cain-type view of life. In England, as Charles I strengthened absolutism and national religion, many Puritans moved into other European countries or the New Continent in search of freedom of faith. The former was the Abel-type democracy realized by ardent Christians, who were the fruits of the Abel-type view of life, through their victory over absolutism, against which they had fought for the sake of their freedom of faith. The democracy realized in England the United States is different, even in its origin, from the democracy that was born out of the great revolution of France. This revolution in England also had its cause in the endeavor by the citizens class to obtain freedom and liberation from the class of great landowners such as the nobles and priests, but the main cause was to obtain, through such a revolution, the internal liberation and freedom of faith. The economy would have also been affected, for example my having a daughter wed, she would have left the household and would have less people working under a certain land lord. Inside the house, her other jobs were making beds, cleaning the house, cooking, and also taking care of their personal garden. The society of absolute monarchy, which fettered the freedom of faith under the Christian democracy since the Religious Reformation, went contrary to the attainment of the purpose of the Abel-type view of life. The citizens, thus influenced by the idea of Enlightenment, were awakened to the contradiction of absolutism, and naturally their desire to break down the remnant of the old system, still rooted deep in the society under absolutism, attained a zenith. In this way, the Cain-type view of life formed the Cain-type democracy by establishing the idea of Enlightenment and thus giving rise to the French Revolution. As a result of this revolution, the “Declaration of the Rights of Man” was officially announced; thus, democracy born out of the French Revolution came about when the idea of Enlightenment, which developed into the ideology of materialism, broke down the society of absolutism in order to set up the Cain-type view of life, we call it the Cain-type democracy. As there was limited methods for food preservation, people had to by their ingredients in small proportions each day. Once systematized into the Marxism of Germany and the Leninism of Russia, the Cain-type view of life finally formed the communist world. Although this was not much of a concern sample essay for internship application for neither Mexico nor the U.S. Therefore, both of the two views of life tended to break down the society and finally formed two types of society–one of communism and the other of democracy based on the two types of democracy, Cain-like and Abel-like. 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