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The fact that the leaders tried to justify their capitulation on the pragmatic grounds of not losing support in a war they initially believed would be short lived in no way lessened the disastrous impact of their actions on those they were meant to represent. The period before the war was one of growing hostilities between great powers, born of increasing need for expansion of capital and the acquisition of territory and, therefore, markets. “The Americans can very well serve as an example for our own troops whose behavior as they passed through here was none too good.” “Children have constantly talked of the Americans’ arrival, and pictured them as a band of wild Indians, however, when they troops arrived, we were astonished at their behavior and pleasant attitude toward our people.” They are wonderfully mild mannered men and a great contrast to the domineering attitude of our own soldiers. The leaders of the main social democratic parties justified their attitude to the war with an analysis of capitalism that sees it as a basically sound system in which the occasional diplomatic mistake leads to war. And in accepting the priorities of defence of the nation above internationalism it committed suicide. The fact that the jostling for influence among imperialist nations led to war and that crisis fed into revolution is not the same thing as a simple equation that war equals revolution. Steady integration into the German establishment meant that the national identity of the SPD clashed with its slogans of internationalism. But, as we have seen, there was plenty of reason for the ruling class to be nervous of the response from its populations. “The citizens of Eich who were fined for having a dirty yard and premises claim that their trial was unfair, and that the fines were too heavy. The overthrow of the regime in Russia was no doubt uppermost in the minds of the French establishment. Trade unions became legalised and grew and the SPD became less oriented on struggle and more committed to gaining parliamentary influence. It was also one in which the upheaval in the system was producing opposition to imperialism, both from the socialist movement and in the beginnings of the ferment among oppressed nations. “The American troops show much more consideration for the private rights of the inhabitants of the village than did the German troops.” We trust that the hard experience of war will awaken in millions of people a horror of war, and will win them over for the ideals of socialism and of peace on earth. In the name of socialism and world peace, the leaders of the socialist movement in Germany sent millions of young men to their deaths. The pressure to support the ruling class for the SPD, and the extent to which its leading members had already travelled down the reformist road, was well illustrated by a member from the left of the party, Konrad Haenisch: The betrayal, shocking though it was, was the result of contradictions that had long plagued the International. The need for revolution had passed, and the SPD should present itself as it really wasВ­a reformist social democratic party. Your troops, not even one, have spoken a single disagreeable word to anyone, and when we offered them wood for cooking and heating purposes they accepted with what seemed to be a certain shyness.” I am glad and thankful we are having American troops occupying our town, otherwise we would have the same trouble as many of the larger cities.” In this respect we are in complete accord with the International which has always recognised the right of every nation to independence and self-defence. The world working class was growing, was more concentrated than ever before, and was increasingly militant in many countries. “The attitude of the American officer towards enlisted men is very different than in our army in which officers have always treated their men as cattle.” mariana treanch trench coats for women brown raincoat what is a tranch images of marianas trench womens coats what does trencher mean marinaras trench mens long leather coat what are the trenches slim trench coat men mens long trench coats marianas trench website trench image mens military trench coat mariana strench trench definition geology what is the definition of trench trench translation living in the trenches blue trench coat mens military trench coat men what is the marianas trench another word for trench mens trench coat with hood the mariana information about the trenches to trench black coat mens maraina trench


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