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After the destruction of Army Groups Centre (June), North Ukraine (July), North and South (August), the Finnish PM resigned in favour of Mannerheim who began formal peace negotiations shortly thereafter. While some German combat forces were in France during that summer, they were depleted formations from the Ukrainian and Belorussian fighting of the previous winter. To act against an enemy who is here to-day and there to-morrow; who at one time stampedes a herd of mules upon the head waters of the Arkansas, and when next heard from is in the very heart of the populated districts of Mexico, laying waste haciendas, and carrying devastation, rapine, and murder in his steps; who is every where without being any where; who assembles at the moment of combat, and vanishes whenever fortune turns against him; who leaves his women and children far distant from the theater of hostilities, and has neither towns or magazines to defend, nor lines of retreat to cover; who derives his commissariat from the country he operates in. The move was a huge blow to German prestige, as it left Germany without a single voluntary ally bar Japan. The resulting treaty was actually quite reasonable all-round, conceding Finnish independence in return for assurances of her utter neutrality. Furthermore, the capture of French airfields starts to bring their own airfields within range of Allied tactical airpower and increasingly under the near-constant cover of the dreaded Thunderbolt and Typhoon fighter-bombers that are devastating Wehrmacht formations in France. North American shipyards, immune from attack by their sheer distance from the fight, are now mass-producing new vessels at the rate of one every few days . This system was designed for the operations of armies acting in populated districts, furnishing ample resources, and against an enemy who was tangible, and made use of a similar system. Neither do the Germans just let them be; indeed, their response makes quite liberal use of armored vehicles, artillery and air-support. Moreover Calais was much more defensible for the Germans given greater fortification of the beaches themselves and hilly terrain further inland. Now the leaders of the resistance, seeing how close the Soviets are, believe the liberation of Warsaw to be at hand and give the order to overthrow their German occupiers. Others stayed behind as founding members of the resistance movement that had bided its time for years. Though their armed forces had been crushed and their government subordinated early on, the Polish people did not remain idle during the war. In the meantime, the Western Allies have amassed sufficient supplies to finally break out of their beachhead in Normandy. We need a MOBILE INFANTRY if we want to defeat enemies today that are more mobile than us; its long overdue. However, the Soviets have supply problems and are busy trying to take the Balkans; besides, Stalin is not interested in a New Poland that has such close ties with the Allies. They unilaterally agreed that German was screwed and they had to find a way to avoid being dragged down with them. It was clear that German strength had been dealt a heavy blow by the Ukrainian battles of March-April, and that Anglo-American-Canadian forces would have the Germans in France heavily outnumbered when they managed to land. [EDITOR: sub-national conflict by people who have no civilian “life”, they live for violence; sounds like Hezbollah today] The military system, as taught and practiced in our army up to the time of the Mexican war, was, without doubt, efficient and well adapted to the art of war among civilized nations. But the one thing you better not try to do is foist yourself as a “hero” and a “patriot” or a military “professional”, since you are neither. The vast expanse of desert territory that has been annexed to our domain within the last few years is peopled by numerous tribes of marauding and erratic savages, who are mounted upon fleet and hardy horses, making war the business and pastime of their lives, and acknowledging none of the ameliorating conventionalities of civilized warfare. With the Soviets denying Britain access to their airfields, the Polish Home Army is left to fend for itself. With the aid of such animals as the mule, elephant, water buffalo, and ox, his forte has been those basic essentials of ground warfare-stealth of movement, surprise, maneuverability, self-sustenance . 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